A new addition to the 3D Polygon Rose series!

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A new product has appeared in the 3D Polygon Rose series, which is the iconic series of our shop.

Among the popular 3D polygon series, the popular Rose series is very popular.

The three-dimensional effect of the rose flower is unique, and it is a popular product that has been competing for first place and second place since our shop opened.

This season's new item is a new rose earring.
While retaining the charm of 3D polygons, it is easier to incorporate into fashion.

Rose polygon simple earrings B1424

The stem of the rose is shorter than the conventional rose polygon motif earrings B1005 , making it a more casual item.

It is also easy to handle when wrapping a scarf or stole in winter.

Made of lightweight concrete for crafts, it is strong yet surprisingly light and has an excellent texture.

One that is active in a wide range of scenes is a must-have item.

In addition, polygon metal rose earrings B1425 are also newly released!

Here, the stem of the rose has a metallic texture.

It has a more jewelry-like atmosphere, and it has a charm not found in the 3D polygon series so far.

It has become an item that can be used not only as a play item or a removable item, but also as a jewelry item that is easier to use and can be enjoyed in everyday life.

A new black color is also available.

The combination of black and white monotone is also highly recommended.

We will continue to appear one after another in the future, so please look forward to it!

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