Brand Story Bloemen


Bloemen, born as the sister brand of the women's apparel shop XTYLINGS, is a name that resonates with the beauty and diversity of "flowers" in Dutch.
Just as flowers exhibit their unique colors and shapes, we offer a collection of distinctive items, designed to celebrate individuality.
We take pride in the idea that everyone should embrace their true selves and revel in their authenticity. To facilitate this, we present a wide array of styles ranging from innovative designs that you've never seen before to classics and contemporary pieces.
With Bloemen's pieces, we encourage you to freely express your own uniqueness.
Bloemen's Principles:
  • We actively source products from manufacturers with small-scale production systems.
  • Our dedicated team ensures rigorous inspection and quality checks, striving for continuous improvement.
  • We integrate multiple trusted payment systems like AmazonPay and Pay Later services like Paidy to provide a convenient and secure shopping environment.
  • We make efforts toward eco-friendly operations by using minimal packaging and sustainable materials.
  • We maintain a well-equipped office and warehouse environment, along with proper labor hours, demonstrating our commitment to workplace safety and health.
  • We actively promote the employment of young talents with an interest in fashion.




About Bloemen:
Our store operates as an import select shop, specializing in overseas items. We arrange your order, conduct thorough inspections, and then ship your products. Therefore, please expect a longer delivery time compared to regular domestic online shopping.
Our products are mainly manufactured in China and South Korea.






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