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Today, I would like to introduce the popular 3D Polygon Series since NewOpen.

It is a series that has many repeaters and bulk purchases due to the originality of the three-dimensional design.

Even though the motif tends to be sweet, the crisp design of the 3D polygons is accented to give it a cool look.

Although it has a CG-like polygonal feel, it is expressed in 3D with a three-dimensional effect, so it feels like it came out of the screen.


Rose polygon motif earrings B1005

Polygon motif rose earrings
The coloring is exquisite and not too chic, and it has a loose feeling and is cute.
The stem part of the rose sways, so the ears stand out.
Available in 2 colors: white x red, white x pink
As there is not only the stud earring type but also the ear clip type,
Can be worn by those without piercing holes

▼Orizuru Motif Earrings B1019

Earrings with a three-dimensional origami crane motif♪
Presence with exquisite coloring and size ♪

Available in 4 colors: white, red, blue and pink
Blue and white are perfect for summer!
The pink color is not too sweet, so you can make your ears stand out with just this one.
The shaft material is Silver 925, so it is safe.

▼Moon Motif Rotating Star Earrings B1034

Earrings with a moon motif that rotates a small star part
Exquisite coloring and sense of size, the design is not too sweet with the edge of the polygon.

▼ Flower Motif Earrings B1017

Three-dimensional white petal earrings
It is recommended for any fashion while having a strong presence ♪

There are two different colors of the stamens on the white base petals.
Please choose it among two colors of red and the purple♪

▼Candy color polygon motif planet earrings B1001

Very popular♪
colorful Saturn earrings

There is a presence with crisp coloring ♪
It is recommended for the accent of the fashion♪

New Item is scheduled to appear in the future.

The products are mainly for those who have ear holes such as stud earrings and ear hooks, but in the future we plan to add items that can be worn without holes such as ear clips/earrings.

The latest information will be announced on Instagram, so please check it out ♡
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