New Arrival イヤークリップタイプ「レッドポリゴンリボンピアス B1088」

New Arrival Ear Clip Type "Red Polygon Ribbon Earrings B1088"

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<<Very Popular>> Red Ribbon Polygon Earrings with Ear Clips

Ear clip type of red ribbon polygon pierced earrings, which has been particularly requested so far.

In response to your request , you can order from today

Please take a look ♡

Ear clip type can be worn without piercing holes

This type of ear clip is a type that adjusts the width by pinching from the side before wearing.

Please refer to the image below for how to wear the ear clip

The product page also has a video on how to put it on.

We will continue to add ear clip types according to requests.

Requests such as wanting a clip type of this piercing are also welcome

Please contact us from inquiry or post on official Instagram with @bloemen_official tag ♡

We may be able to handle the clip type, so please feel free to contact us.

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