Pickup Item ウィングポリゴンピアス B1150

Pickup Item Wing Polygon Pierce B1150

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wing polygon earrings

Small feather earrings from the 3D polygon series.

It is one of the most popular items in our shop.

There are three colors of pink, yellow and white.

Every color is popular♡

The point is the clear material on the outside of the wings.

Although it is a clear material, it has an aurora finish on the surface, and depending on how the light hits it, it can appear transparent or reflective.

There is a video on the product page showing how the feathers sparkle, so be sure to check it out♡

Click here for a close-up image of the actual product

Viewed from the front.

The wings are thin and blue.

If you look at it from the side and back, you can see that the wings are made of clear material.

The image is a type of stud earrings.

There is also an ear clip (earring) type, so even those who do not have piercing holes can wear it.

Although it is smaller than other products in the 3D polygon piercing series, it has a design that shines and has an unexpected presence.

The overlapping part of the feathers is also expressed, giving it a three-dimensional effect.

It is recommended for this season as it will be a simple summer fashion accent.

Please consider it♡

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