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Rose polygon motif earrings B1005

Rose polygon motif earrings B1005

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Polygon motif rose earrings

Each rose petal is carefully crafted.

It uses lightweight concrete for crafts and is not plastic, so it has a good texture and can be used like an adult.
It's made of ultra-lightweight material, so you won't feel the weight.

The coloring is exquisite and chic without being too chic, and it goes well with any fashion.

The stem part of the rose is made to sway.

In addition to red x red, white x white, and pink x pink colors,
There are also asymmetric color combinations of white x red and white x pink.

The ear clip type can also be worn by those who do not have piercing holes.
It has a silicone pad that stays firmly in place with friction, so it won't hurt and is comfortable to wear for a long time.

*Pierce type can be worn by removing the stem part of the rose and wearing only the flower part.

* Due to the design of the ear clip type, the stem cannot be removed.

◆3D Polygon Series Flower Collection◆

Stud Earrings (Binaural Pair)
ear clip (Binaural pair)

*Please see the image on how to wear it.*Please also watch the video.

Red x Red white x White pink x Pink white x Red white x Pink
pink x red

stud earrings silver925
Ear clip alloy +18K coating

* After use, carefully wipe off sweat and oil with a soft cloth to clean it.
It can prevent oxidation caused by sebum and sweat.
* Avoid bathing, swimming in the pool, or swimming in the sea while wearing it.
* Avoid direct sunlight and store in a dry place.
* When storing for a long period of time, if you put it in a plastic bag with a zipper,
It is safer to prevent reaction and oxidation with moisture contained in the air.

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