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18KGF Gold Ring B1423

18KGF Gold Ring B1423

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A simple ring with a glossy gold color cut into an extra-fine, multifaceted triangular cross section.

Simple unisex design

18K coating is applied to the surgical stainless steel base.

It is a process called "gold plating" instead of electroplating, and it is bonded to the base alloy, so it lasts longer than other plating processes.

In English, it is called Gold Filled (1/20 18kgf), and the condition is that it contains 5% or more of gold in weight ratio.It is the coating with the best color lasting among the existing technologies. Since it is strong, you can use it without worrying about washing your hands or taking a bath.

Ring face width: 0.1cm

US #3 : 1.4
cm inner diameter
US #4 : 1.5cm inner diameter
US #5 : 1.6cm inner diameter
US #6 : 1.65cm inner diameter
US #7 : 1.75cm inner diameter
US #8 : 1.85cm inner diameter
US #9 : 1.95cm inner diameter



18KGF, 1/20 GF (Base Metal: surgical stainless steel)

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